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Sri Lankan 3 course Feast £30 


Starters choose from: Prawns with chilli and garlic, Cambodian hot and sour beef, Avocado salad or a selection of spicy veggy/vegan starters


Main course choose from Beef, Chicken, Fish or Cashew Nut Curry

which will be served with a selection of curries and sambals


Dry Potato Curry

Spiced cabbage and coconut

Coconut sambal

Tomato sambal

Basmati rice


Followed by a home made tart or crumble with ice cream or cream

or the birthday cake option.


Other main course options include


New Orleans Gumbo - vegan

Three Fish Pie

Cottage Pie

Cashew Nut Rissotto -vegan

Beef and Wine Stew

Roast Chicken with all the trimmings

all served with seasonal vegetables


Three courses feast with a selection of starters £30

Three course with birthday cake decorated with fresh fruit and flowers instead of pudding £30

Two courses £20

Main Course £12


All the ingredients are locally sourced and organic when possible.


Childrens meals are negotiable depending on age. Couples and groups please choose the same starter and main course unless a vegetarian option is needed as well.

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